Parlour Bar & Eatery

A New York style pizzeria based in the centre of Warrington, serving New York style pizza, loaded mac & cheese, tasty salads and damn good desserts.

A real gem located in Times Square, Warrington, Parlour Bar & Eatery is designed to cater to customers of all ages looking for an authentic NY style dining experience on their doorstep.


Website design

Website development

Organic social media

Paid social media

The Brief

Our team was hired by Parlour Bar and Eatery to design and develop a new website for their business. The goal was to create a bespoke website that would effectively showcase the establishment's unique brand and make it easy for customers to navigate and find the information they need.

After conducting extensive research and working closely with the client, we created a website that not only met but exceeded their expectations. The design was on-brand and visually stunning, featuring high-quality images that showcased the food and drink offerings at Parlour Bar and Eatery. The website was also designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive navigation and a layout that made it easy to find information about the establishment's menu, location, and hours of operation.

In addition to designing and developing the website, our team has also been working on paid social media campaigns for Parlour Bar and Eatery. These campaigns have been highly successful, delivering excellent results and driving traffic to the website. By targeting the right audience and creating engaging content, we have been able to increase brand awareness and generate more interest in the establishment.