Owen’s Kitchen & Bar

Our latest project involved collaborating with Owen’s, a culinary gem located in Urmston, Manchester.

At Owen’s, they seamlessly blend the timeless essence of classic English food with the vibrant and aromatic spices of the subcontinent. This fusion of flavors and cultures is a heartfelt tribute to their roots, even bearing the name of one of their grandfathers. The result? A menu that's as diverse as it is delectable. Owen’s aims to transport diners to a world where British and exotic tastes seamlessly intertwine, welcoming all to join their extended family, share a passion for fine dining and wine, and create unforgettable memories.


Website design

Website development

Paid social media

The Brief

When Owen's approached us, they had a clear vision – they wanted a bespoke, user-friendly website that would do justice to their culinary expertise and create a harmonious online experience. We took up the challenge with enthusiasm, and the result is a website crafted with Elementor that showcases Owen's unique brand and services. Our goal was to ignite excitement among website visitors, encouraging them to explore and ultimately book their dining experience.

In addition to web design, Owen's also entrusted us with managing their paid social media marketing, which we are set to begin soon. Our role will be to ensure that Owen's excellence shines on various digital platforms, extending their reach and connecting with a wider audience. This project allowed us to combine our creative talents with Owen's expertise to deliver a website that's as tantalising as the flavours served at this unique establishment.