The Molly House

A place for the discerning, eccentric and alternative, The Molly House has been a staple of Manchester’s gay district since 2010.

Walking into the Molly House you will instantly find yourself gazing upon a selection of over 400 ales and beers, wines, spirits and cocktails that are nonpareil. So whether you are a particularly idiosyncratic imbiber, looking for that remarkable or rare concoction, or a curious carouser seeking out your next novel libation, then Molly is sure to be able to accommodate you.


Website development

Organic social media

Paid social media

Graphic design

The Brief

We were tasked with designing and developing a bespoke, user-friendly website using Elementor for The Molly House. Our mission was to bring the restaurant's quirky and unique atmosphere to life with a website that was creative, easy to navigate and would encourage visitors to engage with and book.

In preparation for the website design and development, we were also tasked with coordinating and art-directing the on-site photography of which images were used on the website and social media platforms.

Our client-agency relationship keeps growing as we are currently handling all aspects of marketing for The Molly House, ranging from web maintenance, organic social media, paid social media, print, graphic design and more.